Uterus Didelphys – My Birth Story.

If you have read my previous blog – Uterus Didelphys 3rd trimester – you will know that I was booked in for an elective cesarean section at 39+2 weeks, which would have been the 24th July. This was a decision that was made purely for the safety of me and my baby due to my condition Uterus Didelphys and also because my baby was breech.

I had signed the consent forms at my last appointment with my consultant and I had read through the paperwork that went through the process of an elective c section.

I felt ready but also nervous, the main thing that I was nervous about was having the spinal anaesthetic in theatre. But I had managed to put it to the back of my mind, thinking I had several weeks before I would be going in to hospital!

Well it turns out my little one had other ideas… on Saturday 13th July at 06:45, my waters broke as I got out of bed. I was 37+5 weeks pregnant.

I wasn’t having any contractions, so I got myself ready (ish) – minimal makeup and threw my hair up in a bun!

The feeling of leaving the house that morning was so surreal- knowing that whatever happened we would be coming home with our baby. We even had time to take some selfies and one final bump picture!

Because I was not having contractions and I was still a few weeks early, they decided the best plan would be to give me steroid injections to help the baby’s lungs; one in the morning (it was around 8am by this point) and another one 12 hours later, leave me overnight and do the c section on the Sunday (14th July), unless I went into labour…

I was sent down to another ward where it was just a waiting game!

At 11:30 I felt my first contraction. It was small and didn’t last for long. My husband started to keep a note on his phone of the time in between contractions. They were about 15 minutes apart to start with and the midwife started to monitor the contractions so she could show the consultant that I was in labour – once she had the proof I would be able to have the c section that day!

The monitor wasn’t picking up my contractions to start with – even though they were getting stronger and more often! We had to reposition the monitor more to my left (baby was in the left womb) and once it had been repositioned it started picking up the contractions. By this time they were getting stronger and more often.

I was sent up to the labour ward where I was given a gown and surgical stockings to put on and my husband was given scrubs to put on in preparation for the surgery. This was approximately 3pm.

An hour went by, contractions still getting stronger, being told every 10 minutes ‘you’re due in theatre next so it shouldn’t be long’….

Another 3 hours went by… contractions still getting stronger and now roughly every 30 seconds. The midwife suggested I try some gas and air – up to this point I hadn’t had any pain relief – so from 19:00 I started with the gas and air.

We were finally taken into theatre at 20:30, where we were greeted by the lovliest team. I could see everyone getting ready – cleaning their hands/arms and scrubbing up.

It was time for the spinal anaesthetic to be administered, the part I had been so nervous about… surprisingly, it really did just feel like a ‘scratch’ and the steroid injection I was given that morning hurt ALOT more than the spinal block!

As soon as I laid back on the table all the pain was completely gone and I felt completely relaxed.

The actual c section procedure was great, the anesthesiologist and his assisant were both amazing at keeping me and my husband calm, making jokes and keeping us updated as our baby was delivered.

The lovely midwife even went to tell my Mum who was waiting in the labour room that the baby had arrived safely.

20:40 – blade to skin

20:47 – blade to uterus

20:48 – baby delivered

20:50 – placenta delivered

Sienna Paula Dee Uzzell

13/07/19 at 20:48 weighing 5lbs12oz.

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