When you arrive in Singapore, you really feel as though you have stepped off the plane into some sort of lucid dream!

The awesomeness of Singapore starts right in the airport… there is a butterly garden, a sunflower garden, orchid garden and even a rooftop pool where you can sit and watch planes take off and land on the runway.

We stayed in a stunning hotel. Hotel Jen Singapore. The main reason we chose this hotel is the incredible rooftop pool boasting surround views of the city, including the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

Our first full day in Singapore was my husbands 30th birthday. As we both love chinese food, we headed to Chinatown.

Where we enjoyed the most amazing Chinese food i have ever had…

Followed by walking around Chinatown, seeing all the weird and wonderful food stalls and watching the Singaporean sunset amongst the skyscrapers.

I wanted to experience all that Singspore has to offer, so bright and early the next morning, we were on our way to hike up Mount Faber.

It turns out we chose the hottest day of our week to go hiking… not the best move but we still got to see the city from another perspective and enjoy the beautiful views.

Followed by an afternoon by the rooftop pool at our hotel, drinking beer and watermelon mojitos.

Another stunning part of Singapore is Sentosa Island, a small island resort off the southern coast of Singapore.

We went to Palawan Beach, which is actually a man made beach – made with sand imported from Malaysia.

Palawan Beach is also home to the Southernmost point of Continental Asia.

The beach is absolutely stunning, and just a quick 15 minute drive to Marina Bay Sands. An absolutely perfect location if you want to get away from the city life for a day or so.

Anyone who knows me remotely well, will know i am completely obsessed with ‘Friends’, i must have watched all 10 seasons more than 10 times! So when i found out there was a Friends cafe in Singapore, there was no question, i simply had to go!

It was set up just like the Central Perk cafe and had episodes of Friends playing on a massive screen!

My husband eventually managed to drag me away from Central Perk to go for a meal at Marina Bay Sands.

The view from Ce La Vi – Marina Bay Sands rooftop restaurant.

There is so much i could write about from our time in Singapore.

The i-Light festival – a light art festival.

The Supertree Grove – Gardens By The Bay.

The Cloud Forest – Gardens By The Bay.

Little India (more of the most amazing food).

And the fascinating wildlife… wild Terrapin Turtles..

And we even saw a Montior Lizard…but didnt hang around long enough to get a good picture!

I was so sad to leave Singapore. It is a beautiful place, with incredibly warm and welcoming people. The streets are so clean and perfect it feels as though you could be on a film set!

Every day i experienced here was completely different, but equally as amazing.

I really hope to return to this beautiful part of the world one day.

Until then.

Completely Katie.

Malaysia Day

16th September – Malaysia day.

For my first blog, it had to be about my time in Malaysia earlier this year. 🇲🇾

After a week in Singapore, we boarded a quick 45 minute flight to Kuala Lumpur.

We stayed in an absolutely gorgeous hotel called Hotel Istana.

It has a beautifully modern twist on a traditional Malay design.

We stayed in a room on the 15th floor that offered stunning views of the city and its evolving skyline.

We spent the majority of our first day by the pool….

Drinking delicious cocktails….

And eating amazing food… Malaysia is all about the food!

But we didn’t travel that far just to eat pizza every day… one of my dearest friends Alysha is half Malaysian and the whole time we were there she was messaging me with dishes we just had to try whilst we were there!

My personal favourite of the Malaysian food i tried, is the national dish of ‘Nasi Lemak’.

As we only had 4 days in Kuala Lumpur, we crammed as much sight seeing in as physically possible.

Batu Caves – Hindu Temple:

Kanching Waterfalls:

Of course not forgetting, the incredible Petronas Twin Towers.

With views like no other from the Sky Bar KL.

The thing i love the most about travelling to new places, is discovering different cultures and the diverse atmosphere you experience from each city/country.

My time in Kuala Lumpur was so special to me, as the city was my Grandads home when i was younger. I dont have many memories of him, so it was a real privilege to walk the streets he once did, the other side of the world.

To me, the hustle and bustle, busy roads, street performers and delicious food all reminded me of the eccentric feel of New Delhi – India.

But the awesome and modernised architecture, exagerated shopping malls (we got lost several times!) and the ever evolving sky scraper skyline, took me back to the stylish and elegant vibe of Singapore.

A city like no other.

Completely Katie.